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Diamond Pacific lapping wheel[edit]

Safety equipment:

  • Safety glasses are required in the sample preparation lab at all times.

Safety note:

  • The lapping wheel is a power tool requiring direct manipulation of samples on rotating grinding media. It is generally found that skin is abraded more readily than the sample being lapped, especially when new, coarse media is in use. Care must be taken to manipulate the sample such that knuckles, fingertips and palms do not come into contact with the rotating media.
  • Care must be taken to not aerosol dust when dry lapping samples. While the wheel is in a fume hood, it is not intended to be a dust control device.

Maintenance note:

  • The surface of the wheel is plain carbon steel and therefore subject to rusting. Do not leave the wheel in a wet state - thoroughly dry it off after completing work.
  • Sticky-backed media is easiest to remove immediately after completing work. Remove media as soon as work is complete.
  • Magnetic-backed media is subject to damage and warping of the media if it is not cleaned after use. Upon completing work and removing magnetic-backed media from the wheel, wipe down the magnetic surface with a damp paper towel.