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Olympus BX60 Research Microscope[edit]

Safety equipment:

  • Safety glasses must be worn when not working at the microscope table.

Safety note:

  • Eye strain will occur if the microscope is not setup properly and since every person is different, it is unlikely that the microscope will be properly setup for you. Taking the time to setup the instrument correctly will make you more comfortable and yield better results.

Maintenance note:

  • The BX60 is a precision instrument and should be treated as such. Take care to rotate the nosepiece by the knurled ring and not by an objective. When rotating a higher power objective into the optical path, be sure that it isn't going to strike the specimen. When making coarse focus adjustments, watch that the specimen doesn't strike the objective.


Microscope setup[edit]

The link above for setup and illumination is a great resource to start with and will provide more information than is provided here.

  1. The microscope has two illumination power supplies, one for reflected/incident light with controls located on the microscope frame and another for transmitted light in a separate box next to the microscope. Turn on either or both of the power supplies as required.
  2. Lower the stage.
  3. Place the specimen on the stage.