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Analyzing an image with Bubble Counter[edit]

  1. Open the image in Photoshop.
  2. With the rectangle selection tool, select an area of the white balance card that encloses both white and black areas.
  3. Select File>Scripts>BC Set White Balance.
  4. Close the alert indicating that the white balance has been determined. A csv file (original name_props.csv) will be written to the same folder containing the image being analyzed.
  5. With the rectangle selection tool, select an area of the image that represents a good representative part of the slab to be analyzed. Select a large area but don't include areas that are not representative of the whole, like where powder has fallen out of a void.
  6. Select File>Scripts>BC Analyze.
  7. Enter relevant data in the boxes presented in the dialog. If this is the the first run with the script and no optimization has been performed, leave the threshold and air correction factor at their current values, but plan to run an optimization to more calculate accurate air void parameters. (Optimization must be performed as results of analysis are entirely dependent upon the scanner being used and sample preparation.)
  8. Values entered into the dialog (except threshold and air void correction) will be remembered for all of the images located in the folder. Subsequent analyses will not require that you reenter everything.
  9. Click the Analyze button and minimize Photoshop (after responding to any alerts) to GREATLY speed processing.
  10. A summary of results will be displayed if that option was selected. If the write results to csv option was selected, a detailed report will be saved in the folder where the image is located having the same name as the image.

Little Efficiency Tricks[edit]

As noted above, the script runs significantly faster if Photoshop is minimized.

Recording an action that runs the script(s) allows you to run the script by pushing a single function key (or combination) so navigating the File>Scripts>blah blah blah isn't necessary.